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Fellow Lions,

By now I hope that you are all aware of the predations of the elemental forces against our people. They have conquered Emmerix, and now they have moved onto Ontarix. They are enslaving our people with possessions and they even claim that the mighty Drachen Ontarix supports them.

We cannot, at this time, move to liberate Emmerix - our forces are too scattered across the Heartlands and the elementals are too well entrenched. It grieves me more than I can say to leave those people under elemental control any longer, but we must fight the battle that has the greater chance of victory first. And so we move to Ontarix. The elementals have not yet taken this island - it takes time to cover such a large landmass and our Watchguard, along with some courageous volunteers, are working to keep the population of the island safe and, where possible, moved to other islands. They have a foothold here, but the island has not yet fallen to them.

Our scouts have already moved to Ontarix so that when we arrive we will have intelligence about the surroundings and the movements of our enemy. We cannot guarantee the security of the transport circles and I will not risk our people sixteen at a time. For this reason we move by sea. We will make a beach landing on Friday evening, close to the transport circle and move immediately to secure that area so that we can have greater powers to move to, from and across the island and assist with any necessary evacuations. Once land is in sight, each of us must ensure that we are ready for battle, whether our weapon be steel or otherwise.

The elementals have many advantages over us. Their numbers are great, and their position entrenched. Their powers are strong and their motives largely unknown. They bring our own people against us, meaning that we must take care with our blows. Not only that, but most of the elemental forces that we face are enslaved by the Lords of Time. We are not looking to kill either our own enslaved people or those of the elementals that fight unwillingly. Pull your blows and do not strike to kill our people - our healers and physicians will be working to keep people alive. Breaking possessions frequently causes fatal wounds, so we must work especially hard to ensure that we keep ourselves safe and that the healers have the power to help those that we save.

We, however, have something vital that they do not. We have the hearts and spirits of Lions! These are not the first to try to force us from Lantia. These are not the first that have sent our own people against us. These are not the first that have dared to bring harm to those we call friend. They will not be the first that we defeat! One island has fallen whilst we dealt with their troops on Du Pre. No more will fall. For we are the Lions of Lantia and we will not, nay cannot, be defeated.

In Faith
Nethaniel Huntington
Knight Marshall

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Dates: 16th - 18th March, 2012

Venue: Middlewood Scout Camp, off Leigh Road, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LJ

Cost: £40 pre-book before 23:59 18/02/2012 (any bookings received after this will need to pay full price), £45 thereafter (space allowing). Bookings will close at 23:59 07/03/2012. NB: spaces and tickets cannot be transferred without consultation with Burning Ambitions and a small admin fee will apply.

NPCs: Non lions faction NPCs are eligible for a reduced ticket of £20 and will need to pay for a meal ticket as below for catering. When booking, select Staff from the drop-down list, then select "Non-Lion NPC Ticket". A meal ticket can also be selected if required.

Catering: Will be provided by "Lions Catering". A meal ticket for the weekend must be pre-booked and is available at a cost of £20. The cost for this should be included with your booking. As catering is not provided by outside caterers, any help with cleaning up would be appreciated.

Eligibility: Members of the Lions will have priority until the advance cut-off date and non-Lion bookings will not be processed until after that time. While guests from other factions are welcome, non-Lions are asked to state their reason for wishing to attend on the booking form or have a Lions "sponsor" who has invited them and will stand for their IC good behaviour.

Monsters: A limited number of monster places are available. Monsters will be fed throughout the weekend, haves highest priority for the limited indoor accommodation and will be given time to play their own characters if possible. Monsters must still provide a booking form. Monstering for the event costs £5. Monsters can have a meal ticket for a reduced price of £5.

Accommodation: There are limited bunks on site, there will be no player bunks without a medical need. The first 10 monsters will get bunks / crash space, all other monsters will be expected to camp. Bunks will be allocated to those with a medical need first and then on a strict first come first served basis.

Event Guide: will be emailed one week before the event, along with directions to the site and further information. Additional copies of the event guide will be available for download from the Lions Website.


The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Mark Wilkinson Grayling Company of the Brave & Foolish LionsPlayer
Laura Pearson Althea House Demetus LionsPlayer
Barry Ian Holliday Ramsay Wull Free Blades LionsStaff
Helen Donnelly Gweneth Or The Silver Court LionsStaff
Taryn Donnelly Darvan Other (Silver Court) BearsPlayer
Alan Moore Kurt People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Richard Anderson James Bishop Winter Spear LionsStaff
Rachel Prince Amy Redman Winter Spear LionsStaff
Gareth Marklew Clemens The Silver Court LionsPlayer
Hayden Grimley Johan Darkendale People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Kirsten Williams Aija People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Gemz Nunn Kaliyo Other (The Last Word) LionsPlayer
Gail Holliday Cassy Ever'Ard Ghostwalkers LionsPlayer
Oliver Hathaway Monster
Michael Clark Palmendieb Freemen of Galfrese LionsStaff
Daniel Godfrey Far'Farrah Other (The Wardens) JackalsPlayer
Peter Forrester Plyers Squad D LionsStaff
Derek McAllister Lawrence Malakite Order of Celestial LionsPlayer
Dan Neill Brother Jeremiah The One LionsStaff
Simon Appleby Blu Other (Court of the Serpent) VipersPlayer
Richard Brewster Stalik O'Mite Other (enter name below) Non-FactionMonster
Amanda Hill Nazareth Sparkel Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
Bria McAllister Anna Von Drecht People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Iain McNeil Dougga Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
John Large Larego Other (Squad D) UnicornsPlayer
Hannah Large Scrapz Squad D LionsPlayer
Jessica Grainger Monster
Kieran Beecroft Mars Other (Pirata Venator) Non-FactionPlayer
Hannah Baker Virago Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Tyron Couch Moonshadow Ghostwalkers LionsPlayer
Susan Law Bliquis Other (Watchers of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
Kerrie Ashton Turkish Other (Furpile) LionsMonster
Martin Ashton Shard Other (People of thd Jackals) JackalsMonster
Robert Benefer Pisces Other (Order of Helios) LionsPlayer
Jessica Wardman Rhapsody Talthor Order of Celestial LionsStaff
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo Other (Eye of Urasni) VipersMonster
John Kearney Hadrian Darkendale Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
Marianne Wells Obsidia Hyskus Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
Alan Wells Michael D'Ascoyne Order of Celestial LionsPlayer
Lucy Lucock Silver Other (enter name below) LionsPlayer
Briege Grant Alrisha Neverwinter Other (enter name below) JackalsPlayer
Rebecca Catan The Damsel Company of the Brave & Foolish LionsPlayer
Hannah Corry Lujayne Silkenblade Other (Jackals) JackalsPlayer
Chris Cunliffe Gaius do Lantia People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Anthony Edwards Thunderinheart Cire Other (enter name below) UnicornsMonster
David Leach James Kydd Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
Adam Sullivan Ark Ol' Erin Boys HartsStaff
Kelly Barker Tommy Other (Furpile) JackalsMonster
David Mills Mayhem Squad D LionsPlayer
William McKeever Cimber People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Emma Cunliffe Karen Aldain Order of Celestial LionsPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver Other (The Silver Court) LionsPlayer
John Paul Weir Cal Monks of Asteria LionsPlayer
lindsay wilkinson katja Company of the Brave & Foolish LionsPlayer
Jennifer Leach Irinaye Huntington Order of Celestial LionsPlayer
Aoife O'Connor Su Other (Library) LionsStaff
Toni Badnall Sister Justine LeFevre Other (Temple of Humact) LionsPlayer
Richard Knight Darkheart Other (Sons of Meles Meles) LionsMonster
Robert Stevenson Beron Palantir Ghostwalkers LionsPlayer
Julian Dale StormDrain Other (Tribe) VipersMonster
Alex Wainwright Slap Squad D LionsMonster
Alasdair Nunn Barney Company of the Brave & Foolish LionsPlayer
Brian Murtagh Belenus MacTieron Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Pete Fishwick Cal Other (House Aryvandaar) TarantulasMonster
Fergal OBrien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionMonster
Matthew Priestley Grimjaw Ironfist Other (Guardians of kessel) LionsStaff
Mark 'Pigeon' Allport Zeerin Other (Squad D) UnicornsPlayer
Becki Dale Caerie Shadefellow Other (The Last Word) LionsPlayer
Aoife Brown Other (enter name below) LionsPlayer
Philip Else William Hook Prince Bishop's Men LionsStaff
Gwen Farrell Dagna Rocksmith Other (People of the Wolves) WolvesPlayer
Sarah Brennan Ravenfire Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Steve Spencer Frax Lions Command LionsPlayer
Tim Packer Jericho Dreamstruck-Zeal Prince Bishop's Men LionsPlayer
Alexander Loffstadt Happy Dei Other (Wanderers of the Vale) LionsPlayer
Dawn Arduini-Watson Ailish First Spear LionsPlayer
Kelly Wainwright Monster
Lorraine McKee The Night Other (Crows of Albion) HartsPlayer

12 Staff, 14 Monsters, 52 Players. (78 total)

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