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Future brothers and sisters, you are invited to the ascension of our Sovereign on Ceryphus.

It will be a gathering of queens, and so it is only right that the queen of the Lions attends with her hive.

Rejoice, you are fortunate to be chosen and we look forward to seeing you and towards a great future together.

For Lantia
For the Sovereign
For the Circle
Corinthius Druid of the Circle.

Lions and friends,

We hereby invite you to join with us on a diplomatic mission to Cerephus.

We’ve been asked by a local religious leader to join them in their endeavours.

Whilst this could be a legitimate parley, we should be prepared for hostilities.

To this end our legation will be supported by martial and healing forces, along with loremasters to address any arcane matters.

With Pride and Fury
Queen Elspeth
Crown Prince Frax
Prince Mistweaver

Dates: 26th to 28th October

Venue: Barneswood Scout Camp, Old Leek Road, Macclesfield SK11 0RB

Cost: £45 pre-book before 23:59 30/09/2018 (any bookings received after this will need to pay full price), £50 thereafter (space allowing). Bookings will close at 23:59 21/10/2018. NB: spaces and tickets CANNOT be transferred without consultation with the event team and a small admin fee will apply.
NOTE: in order for the OSPS for sanctioned events to be credited to you it is necessary for us to collect your LT player ID as blue tokens are no longer being issued. Please ensure this field is filled in correctly in your OOC information.

Payments: The event team can arrange for spread / partial payments if required. We are also offering a £5 rebate for NUS members, OAPs and those claiming Universal Credit. Please email us for details. (command@lionsfaction.co.uk)

Online Booking: You can book for Lions Faction events online at https://bookings.lionsfaction.co.uk. Both booking and payment must be received before 23:59 30/09/2018 to qualify for the reduced ticket price. Please book online if possible as this vastly reduces admin time for the event team.

Catering: Will be provided by Caggles, and will be booked separately. Cost of a meal ticket is £30 (rising to £35 if booked within the week leading to the event.) Email cagglescatering@gmail.com with names and any dietary needs. Payment either Paypal to that same address, or cash on the gate. Monsters are eligible for a £10 subsidy to their meal ticket in the form of a rebate provided at the time of the event.

Accommodation: There are a limited number of bunks available on site – reserved for medical needs and crew. Camping will therefore be required for players and most monsters.

Event Guide: Will be emailed one week before the event to all attendees, along with directions to the site and further information. Additional copies of the event guide will be available for download from the Lions Website. Please take time to read this!

 Bookings and Enquiries to:
 Lions Faction, C/O 11 High View, Ushaw Moor, Durham, DH7 7QQ
 Tel: 0790 451 2440 (between 18:00-21:00 only please)

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Steve Spencer Frax Lions Command LionsStaff
Thomas Edwards Mause Free Blades LionsPlayer
Anthony Brownlee Zackari Other (Alchemists Guild) Non-FactionPlayer
Anthony Chapman Markham Evenwind Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Brendan O'Leary Echo Other (Londinium) HartsPlayer
James McArdle Dyrt Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Kerrie Ashton Turkish Other (Furpile) LionsStaff
Oliver Hathaway Frank People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Rebecca Julia Chapman Niamh People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Hayden Grimley Johan Darkendale People of the Lions LionsStaff
Rachel Prince Amy Redman Winter Spear LionsPlayer
Jack Fitzmaurice Olec Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Cassandra (Dye) Walton Kaboom Other (Clan Ksavir) HartsPlayer
Johnny Fairchild Volund Free Blades LionsStaff
Nicholas Fitzharley Malcolm Neverwinter Other (enter name below) LionsPlayer
Laura Pearson Althea House Demetus LionsStaff
Mervyn Dennison Mabon Other (People of the Dragons) DragonsPlayer
Sammy Dye Tails Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Matt Stockton Hodari People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Katie Stockton Liberty People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Andrew Abbitt Mat Other (Londinium) HartsPlayer
David Smithson Vardis People of the Lions LionsPlayer
Richard Hayes Monster
Home Leske-Heed Lament Winter Spear LionsPlayer
Gareth Marklew Clemens The Silver Court LionsPlayer
Jacob Taylor Nox Winter Spear LionsPlayer
Timothy Britton Feydren Other (Pen Cethren) UnicornsPlayer
Brian Roberts Adamu People of the Lions LionsStaff
Matthew Guthrie Generico Other (enter name below) UnicornsMonster
Tony Goddard Ziri Other (Knights of Ancalime) UnicornsMonster
Andy McDonald Eudoras Other (The Trappers) JackalsMonster
Sarah Crompton-Howe Gloamer, Queen of the Mushroom People Other (The Silver Court) LionsPlayer
Kelly Barker Tommy Other (Furpile) JackalsMonster
Caroline Tallis Aesa The Silver Court LionsPlayer
Robert Griffin Damien Mayne Prince Bishop's Men LionsMonster
Martin Ashton Shard Other (People of thd Jackals) JackalsMonster
Adam Cooper Grothgar Free Blades LionsPlayer
Alexis Celnik The Beggar Prince Other (The Court of Tears) BearsPlayer
dave ring Faraz Other (Fey of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide Other (Leinster) DragonsMonster
Niamh Carey Lord Silver Other (The Silver Court) LionsStaff
Hannah Corry Lujayne Silkenblade Other (Jackals) JackalsMonster
Max Anthony Fate Weaver Other (People of the Unicorns) UnicornsMonster
Malcolm Garrard Pullo Other (N/A) LionsPlayer
Kate McAlister Narren Other (enter name below) UnicornsMonster
Christopher Andrews N/A Other (enter name below) JackalsMonster
Richard Andrews Segar Other (Pen Cethren) UnicornsMonster
Sarah Johnson Arya Darkendale Other (Great Library) Non-FactionPlayer
William McKeever Cimber People of the Lions LionsPlayer
david shaw Sir Ross Other (Staff) StaffStaff
Amy Ellis Cin Free Blades LionsPlayer
Simon Bell Hassan Other (Order of the Sand) JackalsMonster
Phil Callan Rook Other (Wolves Command) WolvesPlayer
Fergal OBrien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
emily richards Breanna Felbourne Other (The order of nethras ) HartsPlayer
Steven Woods Jon Other (enter name below) HartsMonster
Alistair Davitt Wulf Other (The Hunters) HartsPlayer
Alex White Einar Other (The Crows Of Albion) HartsPlayer
Max Lehmann Graf Other (Beastmen) HartsPlayer
Susan Whitaker Kachina Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Christopher Stewart-Paterson Dorn Other (Alashans) UnicornsMonster
Scott Wanklyn Gannicus Free Blades LionsPlayer
Hannah Welsh River Free Blades LionsPlayer
Sam Haxworth Forxnat Free Blades LionsPlayer
Becky Appleyard Willow Stillridge Free Blades LionsPlayer
Chris Lugg Haringoath Free Blades LionsPlayer
Brian Murtagh Belenus MacTieron Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Vicky Dow Quinn Other (enter name below) HartsPlayer
Hannah Baker Virago Ol' Erin Boys LionsPlayer
Peter Gorrell Grak Thar Other (enter name below) LionsPlayer
Jay Piercy Makar Other (Artemis Vanguard) JackalsMonster
Mark Foster Belvedere Allens The One LionsPlayer
Helen Burton Runa Other (Sisters of the Three ) WolvesPlayer
Thomas Dobinson Tobias Culling Other (enter name below) LionsMonster
Sarah King Bracken Snowglitter Free Blades LionsStaff
David Atkinson Boris Stoutbeard Free Blades LionsPlayer
Daniel Robinson Monster
Jonathan Chatters Monster
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo Other (Eye of Urasni) VipersMonster
Kelly Wainwright Monster
Briege Grant Alrisha Neverwinter Other (enter name below) JackalsMonster
Stewart Hiskey Luther Lawson Free Blades LionsPlayer
Simon Appleby Blu Other (Court of the Serpent) VipersPlayer
Matthew Griffiths Milosh Free Blades LionsPlayer
Alexandra Macdougall Elspeth Lions Command LionsStaff
Lewis Wells Tyrael Winter Spear LionsPlayer
Giles Crompton-Howe Smiler Other (The Silver Court) LionsStaff
John Rogerson Monster

11 Staff, 24 Monsters, 53 Players. (88 total)

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