Lions Online Booking - FAQ

I'm not in a Faction

Included in the list of factions are two options ("Non-Faction" and "Staff") for people that aren't in a faction. Just select the one that is most appropriate.

I made a mistake, and now I've confirmed it. What do I do?

E-mail Event Team or Will with the details, including your player ID

I don't need to pay. What do I do when it asks me to pay?

If there is a "Finalise booking" link, just click on that, and it will mark you as paid. If not, e-mail Event Team with your Player ID and you'll be marked as paid (even though you haven't actually handed over any cash)

I have lammies. Can I just show them when I arrive, or do you need me to send a scan?

List the lammie number eg SC1234, SI1234, and the item name in the Notes box. If possible add a brief description of the item. Show it to game control when you check in. e.g. SI1234: Sword of the Forsaken: Enchanted Through

I didn't get the e-mail with my password. What do I do?

It may have been marked as spam. Check your "spam" or "junk" folder. If it's not there, e-mail Will

I've booked but now can't attend. What can I do?

Contact Event Team as soon as possible. Depending on the notice you are able to provide refunds may be possible or we may be able to transfer your ticket to another player if there are any in the queue. Please DO NOT arrange privately to transfer your ticket as we need to operate a first come-first offered policy.

I need to make a manual payment, where do I send it?

You can make any manual or additional payments directly to the lions PayPal account at please include your player id in the note when doing this.

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